Oh hey, Bausse Babe!

As you know, beach days are to be enjoyed, but let’s not forget skin care essentials. Your skin might not like the sun the way you do…. (bummer)

Here are 5 essentials to keep your skin healthy and happy:


As a rule of thumb, SPF - even on rainy days. Sunscreen hydrates your skin while keeping it protected and healthy.

Our It takes two to Mango sunscreen protects skin from UVA & UVB rays as well as damaging free radicals. Also, its travel size perfect for your beach bag. Coolest part? It smells and looks like a Mango.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – your face too! Every hour or so splash some water to your face (face mist also works!) This will keep your skin hydrated. Additionally, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated from inside out, your skin will thank you later!

PRO TIP: At night, you can add a hydrating sheet mask to your skin care routine (make sure you check out our green tea and cucumber sheet masks). This will give your skin that extra-hydration it needs!

Sun Hat

Aside from being a fashion statement, it’s important you provide additional coverage to your head, hair, eyes, neck, and face from harmful UV sun rays. Even with the proper SPF, prolonged sun exposure can result in sun-burned skin. SPF + a sun hat can help prevent wrinkles and dark spots in the future!

Lip Balm

Lips can get dehydrated and sunburned as well! Make sure you add a lip balm to your beach bag, or rub a little sunscreen to your lips!

Makeup Remover Towelettes

Cleansing towelettes are an instant refresh! They’re easy, require no rinsing, and get rid of any dirty and makeup from your face. Definitely, a beach bag must-have!

If you’re looking for some refreshing facial cleansing towelettes, make sure you try our cucumber, rose petals, aloe vera, and snail slime makeup remover towelettes.

Well babes, there you have it.

Ready for some sun? Miami here we come! 🌴☀️

Until next time,


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