5 Must-Have Ingredients to Add Into your Weekly Skincare Routine



Known for its hydrating and repairing power, honey will help clean and protect your skin in every application. Because of its beneficial ingredients - such as natural pollen - your skin will be hydrated at all times, leaving it extra soft. Try our Honey Bee Sheet Mask for its honey infusion. Not only will it hydrate your skin but soften and tighten it as well! Perfect-Combo!

Aloe Vera

With its fantastic source of nutrients (Vitamin E, C, and B-Carotene), Aloe Vera’s cooling purpose strengths and protects the skin from the sun. Additionally, some properties may include wound healing and swelling. Stay fresh and cool with our Aloe Vera Sheet Mask. T-H-E mask for you!


With its soothing and nourishing effect, avocado hydrates the skin and increases elasticity. It is also used as an active ingredient in skin care and cosmetic products by absorbing fats. Avocado maintains your skin natural moisture’s balance, and increases the intake of fat-soluble vitamins. Keep your skin hydrated with our Avocado Sheet Mask to smooth and repair any damaged skin. Never enough avocado in your life!


Rule of thumb: add more greens to your routine! As a natural ingredient, cucumber activates the production of collagen in the skin. Research has shown that it helps strengthen the skin’s inner layer due to its essential nutrients - minerals, vitamins and water- ultimately, regenerating skin tissue. Bottom line: your skin needs collagen -- always. For that extra collagen boost, try our Cooling Cucumber Sheet Mask.


Coconut can slow down aging with its anti-irritant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains muscle tightening powers that help repair the skin. Plus, its abundance in fatty acid supply helps the skin stay hydrated for longer periods of time. For healthy, glowing skin our Coconuts Sheet Mask is the perfect glow-up!

Which one's your fave?

Until next time Bausse Babes,


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