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Makeup expiration dates depend on specific details such as; cosmetic type, how is it stored, and if it’s opened or sealed. Nonetheless, all makeup expires eventually, and this is usually within 2 years of purchase to even as little as 3 months.

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The Period After Opening, also commonly known as “PAO,” refers to the period of time a product remains suitable for use after being opened. Keep in mind that PAO and expiration dates are two different concepts. An Expiration date is the shelf life of a product in its primary unopened container while being maintained under the conditions of storage indicated on the product’s label.

Now that’s explained;

Is the expiration date a suggestion?

The PAO symbol printed on the label (usually an open jar with a number and an “M”) will indicate its shelf life from the day it’s opened to the day it expires.

As recommended by professionals, you should throw away your makeup once it expires. If you use it a little past its expiration date- it’s totally ok, however you may notice the product might not perform the same. Lip liners and eyeliner pencils tend to have a longer expiration date, and that is because they can be sharpened. In order to make sure your makeup lasts as long as it says, you should always wash your hands before applying, clean your tools/brushes regularly, and definitely avoid sharing.

How long does it last if unopened?

Not all products come with a PAO symbol printed on the label, so it may be hard to find out when unopened makeup expires. Rule of thumb – if the product is stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and sealed makeup should last for 2- 3 years. However, liquid and creamier products, especially products that contain oils and butters (like liquid concealers or liquid blushes) could go rancid faster.

Can I tell if a product has expired?

Expired makeup may look dry or crumbly. If anything smells off, toss it. Color pigments may not look as vibrant and powders may seem hard to use. Additionally, foundations contain ingredients that can start to separate when they’ve expired.

What can happen if I use an expired product?

Keep in mind that expired makeup can harbor bacteria and can lead to acne cosmetica, breakouts, irritation, and rashes. It’s extremely important not to use eye makeup past its expiration date, as this can cause eye infections and can be harmful to the delicate eye area. Also, you should never use water or saliva to moisten, as this can breed bacteria!

Here is a chart with some important expiration dates to keep in mind:

Bottom line, although it is uncommon to use the same product for years (especially if used very little), you should always be mindful of expiration dates to avoid infections or other irritations. Expired products will not perform at its best, and although it might make sense to use the full product before tossing out, it may be more costly at the end.

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