Updated: May 1, 2021

Glad to have you onboard! As we mentioned, liquid and pencil eyeliners are the easiest to apply and perform the best. Let’s begin!


First one up - pencil eyeliners:

A timeless classic. Pencil eyeliners have been used for many years, and will continue to be one of our faves! Pencils produce a softer line creating a more natural look, and although applying a fine line with a brush requires some skill, many people find pencils more user-friendly.

A great pencil eyeliner should glide on smoothly without pulling the delicate skin in your eye area. To enhance your eyes, your eyeliner should always look fresh and clean instead of dark under your eyes.

Additionally, pencil eyeliners are best for smoky eyes and for lining the waterline. Its creamy texture allows them to be quite blendable building color and intensity. PLUS there is an infinite color and texture selection compared to liquid eyeliners.

When choosing a pencil eyeliner, go for retractable one (which doesn’t need sharpening). It is convenient and helps to not get wood shavings in your eyes! Our Intense Matte Retractable Eyeliner is a creamy, retractable, smudge free matte eyeliner that will help you achieve endless possibilities!

Let’s proceed with liquid eyeliners:

Major crowd pleaser! Liquid eyeliners are versatile, long-lasting, and easy to use (after some practice). If you are looking for a clean, precise line, then a liquid eyeliner is your answer.

Liquid eyeliners are best for the perfect winged and cat eye, and the best option if you want to create sharp, bold lines that create a flattering and dramatic flair!

If you want to add intensity to a smoky eye, first start with your pencil eyeliner, then layer it over with some eyeshadow at lash line and blend it out. Follow up by applying liquid eyeliner close to the lash line for intensity and finish it up with your favorite mascara!

Our Shockwave Waterproof Eyeliner is a jet black waterproof eyeliner with a built in felt tip that helps create a clean line or smudged-out makeup look. Your choice.

All in all, eyeliners make lashes look lush while drawing attention to the eye. It can enhance and even change your eye's shape. But before we wrap this up, remember, if you’ve had the same liner in your makeup bag for years, it might be time for an update, just saying.

Bausse babes, when in doubt, just wing it out!

Until next time,



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