New Trend Alert: Lip Patches

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

As we know, face masks have surged in popularity through recent years and, well, eye patches- have been a trending subject for a while, too! But, what about lip patches? It makes sense that if we are looking after our face, our under eye skin, we should definitely take care of our lips as well – right?

Let’s start with the basics:

Although lip masks seem relatively new in the U.S, they have been around in Asia for quite some time. In essence – lip masks work the same way as sheet masks do, they are made to hydrate our skin, in this case, our lips.

We know not all skin is created equal, and by now you’ve probably noticed that the skin in your lips can get super sensitive (you might feel the difference after wearing a matte lipstick, or when you wet/bite your lips for a while). In essence, lip skin is a bit different than the rest of our skin.

Just like all of our other skin, our lip skin consists of three layers. Yet, the stratum corneum (outer protective skin) is way much thinner; making our lips appear reddish as the underlying red blood vessels are close to the skin and can be seen through. Additionally, our epidermis is also slightly thinner- making it harder on our lips to produce melanin and making it more prone to sun damage and fine lines.

And, did you know our lips are a no-sweat-zone? Uh huh, lips don't have any sebaceous glands contributing to a lack of moisture- making your lips get drier more easily.

By now, you are probably aware our lips do need that extra TLC. So, are they worth it?

Lip patches can definitely help moisturize and smooth your lips (and the area around it) by infusing a combination of vitamins and minerals – some of the same ingredients used in other hydrating skin products, such as: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E, and Glycerin.

And Bausse Babes, collagen lip patches are coming in hot! It is said that collagen can effectively plump the lip, temporarily hydrate the lips and have a pout-puffing effect. That is why we have created our So Plumped Lip Patch which is infused with collagen and designed to moisturize, plump, and revitalize your lips and the area around it. A must try!

In conclusion, lip masks are trending for a reason, and we absolutely love them! You can wear them every day or several times a week. Start by getting your lips ready, and then simply apply the mask. Always leave it on for the recommended amount of time.

Kiss off Bausse Babes!


Bausse Beauty USA.

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