Trend Alert: New Beauty products worth trying in June.

As the days get hotter and longer, it’s time to switch out your skin care and makeup routines for lighter-weight products.


Let’s discuss some of our favorite trending beauty products:

There is no doubt sun can make your skin dehydrated, and as such, you might start to notice darker under-eye circles, or even tired eye appearance. *Insert: eye creams*

A proper eye cream can do wonders to erase signs of aging. The sensitive skin around our eye needs special attention as we get older. Eye creams reduce dark circles and helps soothe the skin to minimize outside aggressions (i.e. the sun). If you’re feeling like you’re under eye area is needing an extra boost, make sure you try our snail hydrogel eye patch, infused with collagen and snail slime that will not only refresh your skin but will also hydrate and reduce under eye lines.

Ok, moving forward - let’s talk color sticks. Multi-purpose sticks are in and can really be whatever you want them to be. J-I-T for summer, trending colors come in bronzy and shimmery shades. Swipe into your eyes or even use as a highlighter! So, if you’re ready to jump into the bandwagon, make sure to try our glitter dream eyeshadow crayon in Goldmine, Metallic Silver, and Champagne Blush! We promise you’ll love.

Last but not least, let’s discuss super foods. Before we get into it, what are super foods?

Superfood is a term for food that confers health benefits from its exceptional nutrient density. Beauty products enriched with grains and fruits are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

Why? Well, if they are beneficial to our health, imagine what they can do to our skin! If you’re looking into adding a superfood into your skincare routine, check out our Let’s Go Bananas Hand Lotion. A practical size hand cream that smells and looks like a banana!

That summer feeling…. Right babes?


Until next time!


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