Our TOP 5 Neon Makeup looks for this summer!

We see you babe, and we’re excited you’re into this trend. Btw, so are we.

Lately, we’ve been spotting new amazing bold and bright makeup looks in our feeds left and right. From celebrities and editors to influencers, this trends is causing great buzz - so we are calling it!

Here are our 5 favorite looks.

Neon Green Eyeliner

Channeling Sporty Spice here. Model Paloma Elsesser wears a neon green eyeliner as she partakes in neon makeup. To maintain the eyeliner the only stand out element, the rest of the face should be kept fresh and dewy. Futuristic, right?

Inner Corner Yellow Eyeshadow

Kylie Jenner is also partaking in the neon trend, reaching for a blazing yellow instead of neon green. As seen from the pic, she placed it only in the inner corners -- for a bright and editorial pop of color. What a beauty!

Red Eyeshadow

** jaw drop **

If you’re feeling a bit on the edge, you should definitely try this look. Influencer Camila Coelho is showing off a blazing red. Feisty!

Pastel Neon Eyeliners

If Rihanna is wearing it, then it’s definitely a trend now, right? The singer, designer, and beauty brand owner is sporting a neon pink, baby blue, and yellow eyeliner on her lids, then completed the look with matching lashes.

Ultra Violet Pigment

Makeup artist Patrick outdid himself with Hollywood actress Olivia Munn’s makeup look. He painted her eyelids with an electric shade of lavender, making it a more unique take on bright eye makeup. As seen from the picture, Olivia’s highlighter matches her eyeshadow. Speechless!

There you have it babes, our TOP 5 neon summer makeup looks. If you’re ready to try these amazing looks at home, make sure your try our Color Nights Eyeliner selection. These glide on eyeliners come in 6 different bold, electrifying, color shades.

Now, off to some weekend fun!

Until next time,


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