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To improve your face washing habits, we want to help identify common cleansing mistakes and tips for better skin health. Let’s go!

You’re using a dirty washcloth

Choose a clean washcloth that is effective for cleaning your face. Ideally, you should change the towel you use to dry your face every couple of days to keep bacteria away. Remember that moisture can accumulate bacteria.

Your washcloth isn’t soft enough

An overly abrasive washcloth can be tough on your skin. If you can feel the fibers, then it’s too rough. Choose a soft washcloth- as this can be a good way to apply cleanser! (Don’t miss what your skin is telling you. Learn how to get glowing skin!)

You rub too vigorously

You don’t have to scrub aggressively to get rid of all your skin impurities and makeup. You can gently rub your cleanser with a soft cloth without being too rough on your skin. With the right cleanser and/or makeup remover, you shouldn’t be scrubbing hard.

As you get ready to embark on this face washing journey with a clean-soft-non-abrasive towel, you definitely want to check out our Eco- friendly Makeup Remover Towel. An ultra-soft, fluffy towel is that is recyclable – removing all traces of dirt, oil, and other makeup residue. Easy to use and did we say soft? You just need to wash, dry, and repeat!

Now off to enjoy some sun! 😎

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