The New Glow Up: Skinimalism

Let’s start with some facts.

Skinimalism is described as the stripping back of our skincare and makeup routines in favor of a more minimalistic approach. This could mean reducing the number of products and active ingredients in our routines, or simply wearing less foundation to allow our skin gleam. Skinimalism is about taking a few steps back and committing to a more sustainable and affordable beauty routine.

According to Pinterest Predicts, Skinimalism is bringing “the end of the caked-on makeup look”. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple, and more importantly, sustainable.

Skinimalism emerged after a year that has found U.S. women using more skincare products than ever before. According to The NPD Group's 2020 Women's Facial Skincare Consumer Report, there was a 40% increase of facial skincare users reported in comparison to the previous year. Cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators/scrubs, and masks were among the categories that saw the biggest increase in use.

Additionally, there is a new reality check: “perfect skin” is a lie. As consumers are growing tired of the unrealistic beauty standards, skinimalism is keeping these false promises and unrealistic expectations in check.

News flash? Healthy skin has pores, spots, and scars.

So what is the global data saying?

Well according to the Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report, there has been 4x increase in searches year over year for glowing skin, 110% increase in searches for homemade skin care, 115% increase in searches year over year for aloe vera face mask and 180% increase in searches for natural everyday makeup.

Bottom line: A beauty routine committed to use only a couple of solid products should be all your skin needs to be its best. So if you’re ready to hop on this new trend, make sure you add our amazing Aloe Soothing Sheet mask to your list of products and get yourself on that right track!

Until next time Bausse Babes!


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