Summer Makeup Trends 2021: Cont'

Tropical state of mind, huh? Same.


Last week we discussed graphic liners (for those expressive eyes!) and that sun-kissed glow. So moving on to some more summer trends…

Bright Matte Eyeshadow

Color combos are endless, and blending these can be an adventure of its own. Summer-trending color combinations are coming in hot - and we are here for it!

The amazing Trace Ellis Ross has been playing with her makeup while at home and we gotta say, she outdid herself. She mixed a color block hot pink with a dash of bright orange (with the help from her makeup artist Romy Soleimani, over facetime)

If you want to give this look a try, make sure you get our Copa Cabana Eyeshadow Palette that comes with 35 different shades that will help you achieve those daring looks!

Brushed up Eyebrows

As you know, ever since 2015, thin arches have been firmly out of fashion. Lustrous eyebrows are still on-trend, but there is a new kid in town: brushed-up eyebrows. A soft-feathery feel, as opposed to thick and defined, can also give the appearance of natural fuller brows - and fans are here for it.

This trend doesn’t require too much effort. You just have to use a brow pencil to fill in any sparse spots, and then brush them into place with a brow gel.

Check out our Intense Matte Retractable Eyeliner and combine it with our Clear brow gel to get the look!

No Makeup Makeup

A world without makeup would definitely be less fun, but for slower days, the no-makeup makeup trend seems like an enjoyable choice. Regardless of your preference, the No-makeup makeup isn't going away anytime soon.

The lovely Michelle Salas is sporting the no makeup makeup trend and we love it! In order to achieve this look, celebrity makeup artists recommend skipping foundation, concealing smartly, adding a creamy eyeshadow (check out our Color Shadow Sticks!), grooming your eyebrows and eyelashes, brushing up on a creamy blush, adding some lip tint and, of course, don’t skip the highlighter!

Are you digging these trends as much as we are?


Until next time!


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