Summer Makeup Trends 2021: Glowy and Vibrant!

Ok Bausse babes, today we’ve got 2 of the best 2021 summer makeup trend scoop (don’t worry, more to come next Sunday) Y’all ready?


Vivid Liner for Expressive Eyes

Since last spring (having to wear masks and all) it has been all.about.the.eyes. As the temperature continues to increase, we will begin to see washes of shimmery shades and brighter eyeliners. Instead of complicated eyeshadow makeup looks, experts predict graphic eyeliner looks.

Supermodel Shanina Shaik captioned this photo “sharp yellow.” She is sporting a graphic yellow/orange liner that makes her eyes stand out while adding some color!

Doja Cat at last week’s billboard awards also joined the neon brigade by wearing a graphic look mixing a blue and black liner making it all more eye-catching! #likethat!

Make sure you check out our Color Night Eyeliners displayed in 6 electrifying colors (orange, fuchsia, blue, yellow, green, and purple)

Lots of Highlighter

Glow big or go home. Highlighters will be everywhere this summer and will be shown in cream, liquid, and powder formulas in pink and gold shades. Make sure you sport that beach glow by highlighting your cheekbones, neck and collarbone

Bowing down to Laura Harrier and her glowing skin all year long… it’s all too good.

Recreate this easy, on-the-go glowy look with our liquid holographic illuminator. Easy to apply in eyes, cheeks, and lips! Available in Electro, Rosy Glaze and Moonglide.

Stay tuned for some more trends next week babes.

Until next time,


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